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Upgrade Infinity Imperium: the colonies!

Hi everyone!As the time separates us from the final Infinity Imperium update relentlessly ticks, we are improving and adding elements that will enhance and broaden gameplay.Today we want to tell you about colonies!Now you can colonize up to 5 different areas for each individual planet and you'll have to colonize them all to have a fully colonized planet! As you can see from the screenshots attached to this news, it will be possible to build buildings important for the economy, technological advancement, colonial defense and for the construction of fleets, both for defense colonial than for space attack. Although Infinity Imperium does not focus on managing colonies, we wanted to add this aspect to give more freedom of creation and expansion to the player.A little tip: never underestimate AI! Now it's free to create alternative timelines and alter both the past and the future, so defend well what you have because you may have already lost it in a future that doesn't yet exi…

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SOL: Spaceships and lots of sunscreen!

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